Thursday, July 16, 2009


Jackob gets to come from Mississipi in the summertime to visit with us for a couple of weeks. He is our oldest grandson. When he comes all six of the other grandkids stay with us as well. We have a great time, but for this age group, things have to keep moving. Following are a few of the activities we did to keep everyone entertained. It could be called, Camp "Granna", "Granga", "Ganna". It depends on which grandchild is talking!

A visit to Mammaw Combs' in Eastern Kentucky at the beginning of Jackob's visit.

Cas is loving Summertime!

Miss Photogenic, Olivia Little Lady Liberty
Kentucky Hillbillys at Natural Bridge State Park

Time for Bubbles!
It's Bubbling!
It's Bubbling!
It's Bubbling in my soul!
It's bubbling, bubbling,



bubbling in my soul!

Climb, Climb up Sunshine Mountain
Eli: "Look Gana"!

Olivia: "I want a banana, Granga"!

"Aunt Sarah, the "Pampered Chef", making lunch for the gang!

May I have 2 of those?

After two weeks of activities, some planned and some not planned, the Camp Director, Granna, or whatever name you want to give her, was pretty worn out. The campers however, Jackob, Anna Grace, Olivia, Abby, Eli, Cas and Eden were still going strong. Gotta love 'em!