Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas House Tour 2016

Every year at Christmas, one of my favorite things to do is to hop through blogs looking at all the beautiful Christmas home tours.

It is amazing that we can do this and have the opportunity to see so much beautiful decor and to "meet" so many friends.  It's so different than years past when you could only do this by purchasing and looking at magazines.   In fact, I still have pictures of magazines that I have "copied" ideas from!  Now, there's so many wonderful ideas and so many talented and creative ladies.   

Decorating my own house at Christmas is also one of my favorite things to do!   So many times I have made the statement that I was not going to do as much decorating "this" year.  However, I always end up decorating pretty much the whole Christmas season!  It's part of the fun of Christmas to me!  I know it's not everyone's "cup of tea", but I sure do enjoy it.

So the following is a little tour of some of the Christmas decorations in our house for Christmas 2016.
Welcome!   Come on in, stay awhile and enjoy!

Found this yarn garland at Hobby Lobby.   I love garlands!

I always enjoy decorating the hutch for Christmas

One of the favorite things with my family at Christmas is the hot chocolate bar.  It seems it's different every year, but yet basically the same..... all the good stuff......maybe not so good for you, though!

The front view of the hot chocolate bar

This girl will always see to it that I don't forget to have the hot chocolate bar!   She's all grown up into a teenager now, though! 

A view of the "front" room or "formal" living room or maybe you could call it the parlor!  Anyway, its the room we don't use that much!
These chairs might have some chalk paint in their future!

I love this platter that my daughter gave me for Christmas.  It is setting on the piano which is in the front foyer.

Chandelier over dining room table with cedar branches in it, or as my son in law wanted to know if it was a bird's nest!

Sofa that I chalk painted (still needs some work) in Living Room 

Dining Room looking into (even though it got washed out) kitchen

Edited with a sepia look

Dining Room table scape of candles, greenery, antlers 

In some places, i did "minimal" decorating this year like with these simple white lights draped across cutting boards on the counter.   I actually kinda like it!

More of the hot chocolate bar   Forgive me for not having like subjects together!

A little vignette from looking from the family room to the kitchen.  It actually didn't stay!

Several years ago, my daughter, Rebecca made silhouette ornaments of all our family members and I have always loved them.   Through the years some have gotten broken and then we also have several new members added since then.  So, I don't use them on the tree now, but I do use what's left in a bowl (the grandkids like to find themselves) and  put these of my husband and I out on a tray in the kitchen.
Christmas tree in Family Room at night.  I'm so glad to have been able to get a night shot of the Christmas tree, thanks to learning a little more about photography and how to use my DSLR camera.  A night shot of a Christmas tree, for me in past years was so ugly,  I would never post!

The bench on the other side of this table is from the church where my husband's father pastored for 40 years.   I like this bench because of the extra seating it gives with company (especially the grandkids), and I like the farmhouse feel it gives.
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