Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Use Fruit for Decorating on a Budget for a Wedding

A sweet couple in our church had a beautiful wedding on Saturday. It was on a farm with the reception held in a barn. 


I had the privilege of helping with the decorating. It was definitely a privilege because both families are such dear friends and the brides mother is battling cancer.   

Because not all of the usual sources were available being it was on a farm, there had to be some improvising.  

This fruit decorated spool was one of those things.  

It started out as a cable spool.  Three larger spools were used as the actual serving tables. (This was such a cool idea; especially for a wedding reception held in a barn.)  This smaller spool was placed on top of the middle larger spool.  Then it was wrapped with a plastic table cloth in one of the colors used in the  wedding.  Then, we used some leftover aisle runner paper and wrapped around it.  

Since the plastic tablecloth was not exactly the color used in the wedding, the paper softened it and made it closer to the color.  Someone else had done this to the cake table (I didn't get a picture), so this idea is copied from that. 

I knew I wanted to use the smaller spool stacked on the larger one to give some height, and I knew I wanted to decorate it, but didn't know exactly what to do.  Then I heard that the bride's mother wanted to do a "fruit fall". We were running very late in the game at this point and had a lot to do.  I had actually helped put one of these "fruit falls" together , and knew that it took a long time to do, so I suggested just decorating the top of this small spool with fruit.  

This is how it looked.  (Sorry for the quality of the picture.  It had started getting dark and I had forgotten to take a picture).  

The bottom layer is fresh greens (you can use kale or spinach or some other greens), then we grouped together apricots, mangos, bananas, oranges, apples, etc.  We let grapes cascade over the edges, and placed the pineapple in the center.  

At the back of the arrangement, we placed fake fruit!  Don't tell anyone, ok!! It's what you do on a tight budget!  

This is a quick, really simple way to spruce up a buffet table at an event. Fruit kabobs were placed directly below this.  

Hope this cheap, quick, little idea might be a help to someone.  I enjoyed doing it ; especially since it was for a very dear friend at a very special event!