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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Add to my Life, Valentine!

One this fourth day of 14 Days of Valentines, I want to share with you how much has been added to my life because of my Valentine.  It's like this:

First there was just the two of us:
We lived here:
Well, not in this exact mobile home, but in a
mobile home in this exact same spot.  We re-
visited it a few years back.
Then, it wasn't long until there was three of us.  This little "brown-eyed" darling  girl was given to us:

Rebecca Lynn
Then we moved to a place not too far from there and we were blessed with this little bundle of "joy":

Leah Joy

Then a few months later, we were given this little princess:

Sarah Beth
Then we moved to a different state, KY, and the Lord graced us with this baby girl:

Hannah Lonee' (yes, that's as close as Lonnie
got to his name with his children.....but wait
there's more!

Fast forward 20 plus years.....we move Nicholasville, KY, the girls grow up here as their dad pastors Tabernacle Baptist Church.  They go go college one by one, and one by one, they meet a fellow and fall in love and now, add 4 + 4, and what do you have?  Right 8!

Now we have four boys! Kevin Hearn, Dan Black, Tim Morrison, Jason Wheeler.
 Wow!  How things can multiply...
and so quickly!  But wait we're not finished.

First there was 2, then and 4, that equals 6. Then add four more and you have 10!  Then you add 8 more and what does that make?  WOW!  Eighteen people!  When I first started blogging, I actually had a blog called, "Moore and More"!  It was a pretty appropriate name for it considering how our family increased more and more very quickly; and we may not be finished yet! 

  Psalm 115:14 says,  "The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children."  We have
truly seen this happen in our family.  We have increased and we are so thankful and happy for each one.

2 + 4 = 6;  6 + 4 = 10;  10 + 8 =  ........... please read on.....
Jackob Black, Anna Grace, Olivia, Caswell and Lonnie Ray
(Lonnie finally got is namesake) Hearn, Abygail, Eli, and Eden Morrison.

 Yes, I think that's a good verse for us; we have increase more and more and not only in number but in love and blessings and good times and joy and happiness.  Lonnie and I have been blessed in numerous ways!  We praise the Lord for it!  (In case you're counting, there is actually 21 people in this picture.  Lonnie's dad is also in this picture.)

So, until I have something to add, I think I'm finished with this post.

You can click here to go to day five of 14 Days of Valentines.

A Hijacked Blog for My Valentine

Dear Sweetheart,
I must apologize for hi-jacking your blog.  You know how technically challenged I am at these things.   It became a family effort.  I just wanted to let you know how much I love you on this Valentine's Day!
I am 1000 miles away preaching and singing in a conference, which I enjoy, but so wishing you were here or I was there with you.  You are the love of my life!
I was thinking today about our very first Valentine 's Day we enjoyed together.  It was 40 years ago today.  We were just freshmen in High School.  I gave you a Heart -shaped Box of Chocolates and you gave me a Sarah-Coventry Tie pin and Tie clasp set.  We both still have those gifts today. (Well, you still have the box.)
You are the only Sweetheart I have ever had or ever wanted.  I loved you then, but I love you more and more with each passing day.  I enjoy so much doing all those little things for you.  They seem so small for what you mean to me.
I hope this is a pleasant surprise to you, since you know how much I detest this kind of internet stuff. I wanted to let you know in a speacial way that you are My Valentine.

With all My Love,

Your SweetHeart, Lonnie
P.S. Please excuse my misspelled words and blogging bobbles. I love You!


As I have been trying to decide how to end this series of 14 Days of Valentines, I thought of this song.  I have heard it sung at several different weddings.  As far as I know neither Lonnie or I have ever sung it, and actually it is not the style of music that we even listen to, but I have always loved the lyrics to this song.  It seems to sum up the other 13 posts and what I want my Valentine to know on this Valentines Day, February 14, 2012  If you were listening to the actual song with the music, you might be crying as you read this.  I don't want you to cry!  Even though, I'm a little weepy myself since the subject of these posts is away in a meeting today.  So, I will insert some pictures in here and there.......some of them never seen before, just for fun ones!

Cherish the Treasure

I cherish the treasure
The treasure of you

Lifelong companion
I give myself to you

God has enabled me
To walk with you faithfully

And cherish the treasure
The treasure of you

As I obey the Spirit's voice
And seek to do His will
I then can see the wisdom of His plan

For as He works His will in me
I then can love you selflessly
And by His grace, can pledge my love to you

This sacred vow I make to you
Does not contain an "if"

Though I'm aware that trials lie ahead
I will love you and pray with you
And through it all, I will stay with you

Our home will be a refuge of
Unconditional love

Cherish the treasure
The treasure of you


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, TO MY SWEETHEART, who, by the way is reading all these posts today!
You can click here one Day one of 14 Days of Valentines to start all over.  I know you just can't wait!

You can also read my husband's response to these posts here.  He "hijacked" my blog. It was sweet, though; I didn't mind!

Thanks to all of you who have stayed with me for this my first series!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Loving is Caring

On day five of 14 Days of Valentines, I want to talk about a character trait of my husband that is very wonderful.  That is his compassion.  I guess it comes with the territory of being a pastor and having a pastor's heart, but it is a wonderful thing to have.  He cares about people.

He cares when they are his loved ones and they are hurting.  Here with his aunt who recently
broke both her knees.

He care about the concerns and problems of even the smallest of his congregation:

He cares and offers a little of encouragement when that is all that is needed:

He cares about the well being of his family:

He cares about special times in people's lives.


He cares enough to lend a shoulder to lean on when a wife is weary!

The most important thing he cares about are the souls of men.  As a matter of fact he has given his life to show people how they can make sure their soul is going to heaven.  This verse describes how strongly he believes in the importance of this matter:  Jude 1:22 "And of some have compassion, making a difference:"  He puts an emphasis on that in our church in encouraging our people to reach our community, but also on reaching out to the world in a world wide mission program.  He cares enough that he himself has gone on several mission trips to distant lands to share the gospel with those in other countries.

He has always had a very compassionate heart and I love that about him.  I wish I could tell you all the ways and times he has displayed compassion; there's been many, many times.    There's Someone else who has compassion for us.  My husband pictures that Someone in the compassion which he shows.  He inspires me to be more compassionate; he inspires me to be more like Christ.  I love that about him!

Thank you for joining me for Day Five.  You can click here for Day six of 14 Days of Valentines.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers for DayThirteen of 14 Days of Valentines

My husband loves flowers, plants, fruit trees, etc.  I guess you can say he has a green thumb.  I'm glad he does, because even though I love the beautiful flowers, it seems like I don't have much success with them. 

He actually planted or placed or sewed pretty much every green, flowering, living thing in our yard with his own two hands.  When we first built the house, it was pretty much rock and rock and more rocks.  It took several years to get it to grow anything; even grass.  My husband's patience (something he is known for) has paid off.  Thankfully, the back yard looks like this now: (well, not in February, but in June!)

Yes, my talented husband has really worked hard to make a rocky, barren, dull, place (sorry, no before pics), look like these pictures below:

Same picture as the one above only this one
is at night. You can see the little pond that
Lonnie made . 

I love having all this beautiful landscaping. One of the things I like about it is that approximately eight months out of the year I can have some kind of fresh flower or flowering bush that can be cut and brought inside for a fresh bouquet.  Through the summer months, my gardener (his name is Lonnie!) almost always will cut some kind of flowers and bring them in and put them in water for me! I love that! It's like having Valentines Day all year!

It's even beautiful in the winter months:

We have lots of these in the winter time.  They know that a
nice man lives here, so they like this place as much as I do!

You can click here and here  to see more landscaping .

So on day 13 of 14 Days of Valentines when the color is supposed to be red, I'm loving the fact that my Valentine has a green thumb!

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