Monday, November 21, 2011

Fwd: Sneak Peek

From: Gail Moore <>
Date: November 21, 2011 10:56:23 AM EST
To: Gail Moore <>
Subject: Sneak Peek

Every year we try t get a family picture done.  It has been a tradition for maaaannnnnnyyyyyy years.  We have always tried to give one to each family in the church.  I just know that every year they're anxiously awaiting the "Moore's Christmas Photo"!  Just so they can throw it in trash can, I mean, put it on fridge!

A lot of families do this I know, and if your family is of any size, then you know how difficult getting a family pic can be.  We used to think it was hard when we only had 4 girls!  Wow!  If we had only known!  Now quadruple that!  

In this picture the kids just automatically fell down on the ground!  Love their hearts; they're so used to having pictures taken.  The son- in- laws, though, they're a different story.  I won't even go there.  Just let me say that they act like they can't wait to get the photo shoot over with!  The word "act" is the keyword here!  I think they actually enjoy it!  I know they enjoy seei g themselves!  JK!!  Well, not really!  I can say these things on here, cause none of them follow!  Ha ha!  I love my SILS!

This picture was taken at the 50 anniversary service of Sugar Camp Baptist Church in Booneville, Ky., where my father- in-law ( pictured in center) pastored for 41 years.  Last year we had the picture taken in front of the church where I grew up, and this year where my husband grew up.  This is very special to us.  Anyway, this is a sneak peek of Christmas pic 2011.