Tour of "My Old Kentucky Home"

I thought I would try to do a tour of our house (My Old Kentucy Home, or as a friend called it once, Moore Manor).  Well, whenever I give a tour I want to be sure it is shining  presentable!  So, here I am getting ready for the tour!
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This picture was taken at the back entrance of the house.  It really is about the only used entrance since no one comes to the front door .
 A lot of times people will comment on how big this house is, but I think I am the only one who really knows how bit it is since I am the the one who has to clean it!  It is then that I agree with my friend on the name "Moore Manor"!

Actually, I have to be truthful, I do have some help. Check out all my wonderful help here:  Granna's Little Helpers!

 This will be a kind of tour through the house. I have shown some of it on my side bar, but I would like to show a few more of the rooms. So here goes nothing!

 (Formerly Youngest Daughter's Room turned Guest Room when it grew up!)
Former Wall Color:  "Hannah Pink"
Decoration Theme : Teddy Bears
(Sorry no before pics)
Now it is painted a soft white with a touch of pink, and decorated in leftover wedding stuff from four weddings (four daughters) and with mostly 2nd hand furniture mostly painted white and some of my favorite junk collections (old trunks, etc.)  I know these pics look black and white, but they are not.  I guess that goes to show how much I love white with some touches of black

Sarah's Old Room
                       Then there's the other guest room which formerly was daughter, Sarah's room.  The original color of this room was very very pale lavender.  Sarah always felt like she was cheated in the color area, because being it was in the 90's, the other girls' rooms were very colorful.  They each picked out their bedding and I matched the paint for the walls in their rooms. OK, enough reminiscing.  Lets continue on the tour:   This room is also now a guest room. The color is, I think, called Moon Glow, and even though it is different from Sarah's old color, it is still very subtle.  I don't know if you can tell, but it is barely tinted with lavender.  It goes well with the off-white (Parchment)  painted furniture in here.  (Got my inspiration from some paint sample or something)

 On to some fun! The Playroom
This room, well, I guess it never did grow up, because it is still the same 1990's Hunter Green and it is where the grand kids play. This was Leah's room back in the "Hunter Green" days! Even though the room hasn't grown up, 2nd daughter Leah certainly has! On a rare occasion when it was half way clean, I got some good pictures. Here's a couple:

The boy, oldest grand child, is Leah' son. It seems like it should be my own children playing in this room, but instead it is my children's children! Time changes and so do paint colors! Well for some rooms anyway!

Down stairs in the Dining Room

This is probably one of my favorite paint colors in the house.  It is actually a mixture of paints that my very smart husband mixed together from paints we already had.  I told him what I wanted, a bluish, greenish, grayish color, and after some mixing and testing, he came up with the color I wanted.  I still do not know how he did it.  He really is so smart!  It reminds you of the color of moss growing on trees.  It goes with pretty much every color (and believe me I switch things around a lot), and it also changes colors in the room according to how the light is hitting it.    I added some pictures of the family in here, because that is what really makes the Dining Room be a wonderful room - the gathering of family and friends!
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This is an old dresser that my, once again, smart husband made into a buffett or serving table.  Somewhere I don't know where, I  do have before pics.  It is pretty amazing the change in this thing!
The Heart of the Home
that needs a little TLCin the way of an UPDATE (hint, hint)is next:

 Don't get me wrong I am very thankful for this white kitchen.  As a matter of fact, all it really needs is some appliance updates.  I just have a feeling that once we start updating in here, one thing will lead to another!   Come On In Ya'll

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I tried to do some updating on my own.  You can see that at:

Next is the Living Room or Family Room or Sitting Room, I'm not sure which to call it.  I guess Family Room, since that is originally what it was supposed to be. 
As you can see, this was in the fall season.  That would be the only time I use orange.  Then it will change to whatever colors are being used for Chirstmas, then to who knows, because I really don't, for January and the winter months, to something with lots of green for spring and summer.  Told you I change a lot....with the seasons for real!  That is why I like to use neutral paint for the most part (forget about the colorful rooms upstairs) especially for the main living area because it is so easy to change the accessories.  It's a no-brainer!


Come on in and sit a spell!  We'll talk about, for one thing, the piano on back wall.  It's a long story!  There are more rooms, master bedroom and guest suite downstairs, but I don't have pictures of them right now, and feel like if this post was much longer, you would be ready to fall off your chair from boredom.  So, another place (actually right here!), but definitely another time, we will finish this tour. 
Thank you so much for visiting me today.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  If so, please leave a note in the guest book.  (That would be in the comment section!)