Monday, December 10, 2012

A Couple Favorites

A Christmas card that I love attached to old shutters that I also love and usually attach Christmas cards to

Also are grandchildren favorites!

Stay tuned for more Christmas decorations next week.  (Hopefully!)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Upload Multiple Pics to A Blog from A Mobile Device!!! Yay!!!

Excited!!!  That's what I am!  Excited about pictures!  Excited about blogging!  Excited that I finally can get blogging and pictures to go together!!!

Are you like me and prefer a blog with beautiful pictures as opposed to one with only words??? 
To me, pictures and blogging go together.  

I like to blog!  I love to read good blogs on home decorating ideas, missionary wives blogs and a couple others.  However, i also love my iPad that I got for my birthday which is considered a mobile device which is not so blogging friendly.   So far, I Have only been successful at a loading one picture at a time when when blogging from my iPad.

Now, a desktop computer sits  in a room upstairs in my house.  From a desk top computer it is no problem to  do a blog post and post as many pictures as you want.  However, another thing about me I guess, is that I am determined or could it be called stubborn??!! We will call it determined!  I have been determined to find out a way to post more than one picture at a time from my iPad!  

After trying, and trying and trying again and then failing, and even being told by a technician at the apple store that it couldn't be done, I found a way.

I know you're wanting me to hurry and tell you what.  Well, it's simple, and trust me, for me it has to be simple!!!   You simply have to set up a Google Plus account and just set it up for your pictures to load instantly from your iPad or iPhone. Here's the catch.... The photo upload has to be done from the "compose" mode, and the script or writing part needs to be done in the HTML mode. Don't ask me what that means, I just know it works for me! I'll take it!  

This way Blogger will allow you to access these photos, select them and post them to your blog!!!

Pictures are what really makes your blog post come alive.  I think it awakens your senses!

Taste the sweetness!
Smell the goodness!
Hear the fun!
See the beauty!

Well, I almost made it! For some reason it won't let me post another picture. I needed to do one more for the 5th sense! Oh well at least, I was able to do more than one picture. Hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our trip to the Deep South.
All from my iPad! Yay!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Taste of Southern Living

Can anyone guess where I have been this week by looking at these foods?

Here's a little hint........

It's Christmas time here, but it sure doesn't feel like Christmas time!

Southern Mississippi!  That's where all these wonderful foods are from.