Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dining Room is Going to a Paint Party!

Maybe you can help me figure out what the color of this paint is!
This is probably one of my favorite paint colors in the house; just wish I knew what the name of it is.  I love to look at the names of paint colors on the little cards.
 This paint doesn't really have a name, though. It is actually a mixture of paints that my very smart, husband mixed together from paints we already had. I told him that I wanted, a bluish, greenish, grayish color, and after some mixing and testing, he came up with the color I wanted. I still do not know how he did it. He really is so smart!  He is the best!

 It reminds you of the color of moss growing on trees. It goes with pretty much every color (and believe me I switch things around a lot), and it also changes colors in the room according to how the light is hitting it. I added some pictures of the family in here, because that is what really makes the Dining Room be a wonderful, and may I add, colorful room!  So what do you think the color is?

The Paint Party is at Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss.