Monday, August 29, 2011

A Little Fall Decoration Inspiration

Like most everyone else, I can't believe Fall is almost here.  It has been such a great Summer!  As I shared in "Some of My Faves About Summer" I love summer!  I have really enjoyed it this year; have spent a lot of time with family.  It has been such a joy to have grand kids here a lot!

 I usually don't rush Fall decorating.  As a matter of fact, I don't go overboard with it at all.   There are some who have already started decorating for Fall.  I like a subtle transition from Summer to Fall.  So that's what I
tried to do in this mantle makeover....using flowers that are still in bloom, but those which have a feeling of fall because of their purplish color.

 First of all  I took a nature walk and gathered up some green hedge apples and cut some purplish flowers off of a Butterfly Bush (I think that's what it's called,)  and then I went shopping.....under the kitchen sink for the old metal pitcher to put the silver things in.  Then I found me some limes from some deep abyss in the pantry and a dark colored wooden bowl that my husband brought me from Costa Rica a few years ago to put the limes in.  I found a mirror upstairs that I put over the mantle as a backdrop  "It is really old"!  To the right of this little vignette, I put one of my favorite pieces.  It is an old handmade fiddle.  (One of my son-in-laws let me keep it, and it cracks him up that I use it to decorate with.  I love it!) 

The wall looks blue in this picture.  It is not blue.  It is actually white.

Well, maybe my old metal container (which belonged to my grandmother, btw),  is not quite as elegant as I would like it to be, but it serves the purpose. 

OK, guess I'm ready for Fall now!

Tag on Bag

Wrapping gifts and making them look pretty and different is one of my favorite things to do.  I really don't like to use the gift bags.  I know they are very convenient, quick and easy and pretty, but I just think when you give someone a gift that you have taken the time to wrap, it makes them feel like you really care about them.  Maybe that's just the way I feel.  I don't know. 

Anyway, I usually try to do something really unique and different when I decorate a gift.  This past Saturday, I went to a bridal shower, and I succumbed to using a gift bag.  It was a beautiful white on white with velvety embossed flowers on it.  The bag was pretty enough, but I wanted something extra.  

Here's what I did.
(Hang on..... this is REALLY simple,  I promise!)

 I had actually bought the card with this idea in mind. I took the ribbon handle that was in the bag and tied it to the ribbon on the card on the outside of the bag. The card had an opening in it which said, "A Wedding Wish".

I know, it's just simple little project, but it kinda changes it up just a little.  It works when you are in a hurry.  The person you are giving the gift to doesn't have to open the envelope, and it is easy to get to to see who gave the gift. 
Just make sure the bag and the card match or compliment each other.

OK, so that's my "Gleaning" for the day.  I hope someone can use this idea.