Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer.......awwwwww! Some of My Favs about it! Enjoy!

When I was younger, Fall was my favorite time of the year.  As I have gotten older, for some reason I just love the Spring and the Summer.  I can't really put it into words as to why.  So rather than try to explain it, I hope these pictures will tell the story.  Some of my favs.......

Flowers from the yard picked by my husband especially for me; especially these hydrangeas!

and this Russian Sage......smells so......fresh!

Fruit from the fruit trees in the yard (even though birds, bugs, and critters get most before we do!)

The back yard that my husband works so hard on to make it beautiful!

The little pond and especially the little wind mill with the lights that glow after dark!

Petunias in a pot on the porch!

Lem yum nade!

Blackeyed Susies too!

Hibiscuis plant  (first time this year) in the color of the year!

This sweet boy getting to come and spend time with Pawpaw and Granna.  He's as precious as the dove he is holding.  He and his Pawpaw are constantly doing things like this.  Wish I could show you the video of him letting this beautiful dove loose.  It's sweet!

Watching a  sweet toddler discover the world of Summer!

Road trips!

Cuteness like this!

Having fun watching these two sweeties have fun!

Girl's Outings

Lush Lawns

Having these three come to visit......so sweet.......never a dull moment!


Views from the hammock!  Awwwww......yes, I love Summer!
Friends, don't be surprised if you see this post appear again, because I know there will be other favs that will have to be added.  We still have a long way to go before Summer is over.  Oh yes we do!   I am so thankful for the wonderful Summer season our wonderful Lord has given us.   Hope you are enjoying your Summer! 

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