Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photographer, Pianos and Pumpkins

Beware Roaming Photographer on the Rise!!!!!

Have new camera ......will take pics of anything!!!

"Love it! Love it! I'll have two scoops of it!"

It's a Christmas present.......before Thanksgiving.....thanks to my sweet honey.

Got to enjoy for only a few minutes.....now it is on it's way to Africa!!! Went with my sweet honey, and the trip to Africa is why the "early" Christmas gift. Yeah, it is my Christmas present, but I won't get to use it for 10 days while it is in Africa. It's OK, though. I know it will take many beautiful pics there, but I do think some of the ones I took last night turned out pretty good, for an ameteur, anyway. Looking forward to gettin "Sony" back as well as my Honey!

Here are some "fall" vingettes as well as other pics of house. Hopefully, soon I will be able to post a tour of the whole house.

Ivorys to be tickled!

Love Cloches and all things in them! In this one collection of old door knobs.

Top of piano in foyer and Upper Case Living monogram.

Big piano, in not so big, but big enough, foyer. We sometimes stand all around it and even on the stairs singing. Huge Blessings from above!

Another view of the "baby" in the foyer!

This is a buffet type thingy in the Dining Room....actually got "re-done" tonight. Wish I had newer pic. It looks better the way it is now. Have to wait for Sony to get back from Africa!!!

A "liiiittle" touch of Christmas already! (Ugly cord)

Love the way these flowers (from a church we were in last week) look!

Honey bought these for me one day when I was gone away on a trip. I thougt it was so0000 sweet.
He was trying to make it look like the arrangement in the picture. Isn't that sweet!

Another fall arrangement (on mantle) The girl in the painting, I met at the Dollar Tree, and I love to put the picture of her out in the fall. Has some beautiful orangy and earth tone colors in it, I think is why.

Yes, it's a long story, but we have two pianos. What can I say, we reeeally do heart music!!!There were times when the girls were home and were practicing, that there were actually two pianos going at once. Needless to say that was not good on the ear....in more ways than one!

Too bad this particular "baby" does not work! It is for looks only, but sure makes for a great piece to build deco theme around in living room!!!!
Thanks for stopping by. Come again, maybe I'll snap your picture sitting at a piano!