Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2 Projects of 2010! Enjoy and Be Inspired!

  I've enjoyed looking at the wonderful projects of 2010.  Wow!  There are some talented ladies out there.  I didn't get a project done every month like some did,  but I do have a couple that I am glad I took pictures of  and can share with you.  At the time, I didn't know there would be a "recap of projects".  Next year I will know!  The first one I did was in January.  I had seen on some blogs the word "home" used in different ways and loved it, and wanted to try making my own.  So I sat out on a snowy winter day to do so.  You can see the the steps to my snowy day project here.

Project Snow Day 2010

The second project was a little later in the year;  September, I think.  Anyway, I actually "lost it" on this project.  I, once again, got the idea from, where else, but blog land!  I started seeing how different ones were removing the doors from their kitchen cabinets.  I got the "itch" to do this; especially since my white 90's cabinets were not quite so white anymore.  You can see how I "lost it" here.

Losing the Kitchen Cabinet Doors


I'm joining the 2010 Top Projects at SouthernHospitality.  

Friday, December 24, 2010

Pepperoni Bread - A Favorite!

Most people look forward to the traditional Christmas Dinner of turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberry salad, potatoes, corn, broccli casserole, sweet potatoes, etc. etc. (my mom's menu).  This is what I look forward to at my mom's house.  I'm so blessed to be able to go there and eat her wonderful food.  At my house, however, I, in all my (?? shhh) years, have never made this meal for Christmas.  The menu for out immediate family's Christmas get together is Pepperoni Bread.  This recipe was given to me years ago (how many ??? shhhh...many!), by a friend.  Her family makes this every year, and since she gave it to me, it has been a tradition of ours as well.  It is funny as I look at this recipe (which I don't even look at anymore when I make it), how it has been "tweaked" down through the years.   I do think, though, if you want to make it, you will be able to do so by following the recipe below.
Pepperoni Bread

2 sticks pepperoni
2 loaves frozen bread dough
(1 pkg divide into four loaves)
l pkg kilbasa sausage
12 oz shredded cheddar cheese

l.  Let dough thaw and rise on a greased sheet cake pan overnight
2.  Roll out dough with rolling pin onto floured surface
3.  Mix Kilbasa and pepperoni and place on bread
4.  Place cheese on top
5.  Fold over and pinch edges together *
6.  Bake at 350 for 30-45 min.

Optional "tweaks":

*Cut 1 in. strips along edges of dough and make a "lattice" effect as you alternate wrapping from side to side.  Adds a little "fanciness" to it.  Thanks to "just an idea", daughter, Rebecca.  I would never have thought of that!

Also, you can brush the top with egg whites before you bake.  This gives it a "shiny" look;  Also, "just an idea" from Rebecca!

It would be nice to have these made ahead of time and give as gifts throughout the Christmas season.  I have to be careful, though, not to give too many away, or I would get beat up or disowned by family!

One wonderful thing about it is that you cand grind up all the meat earlier and just store in 'fridge for several days.  I have already done this, and when I get off this computer, I plan to bake a roll to take to my mothers house to share on this Christmas Eve.  Can't wait to smell it baking!

Our "Off" Christmas!

Every other year the girls spend Christmas with us and, of course, the other year with their husbands'  families. 

This works out great!  At first I thought it would be hard, but it actually has not been as hard as I thought it would be.  Of course, we still get together and exchange gifts and have Pepperoni Bread (their favorite) sometime during the Christmas season.  (maybe even at Thanksgiving) 

They also do the everyotheryearthingy with Thanksgiving as well.  This year was our Thanksgiving year.  That's when we took the "Christmas" picture of the family. (above).  This is actually a plus, because when it's our year for Christmas, we really don't get a family picture to send out. 

Another plus is that Lonnie Love and I get to spend some quality time together!  As a matter of fact, we already exchnged gifts on Christmas Eve morning.  It was a sweet time.  Yes, the "off" Christmas year has it's advantages!  One of them being the reminder that "because two people met......".  Actually, it's because the Lord brought two people together!  As we knelt and thanked Him this morning for all the children and prayed for them and their families (their inlaws included), we thanked Him for the "gift" of each other.  At the risk of sound "mushy",  I'm so thankful that we are together!  Even if it is just the two of us!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland ....for real!

Whats Black and White and ..."Read"?

A special gift to our four son-in-laws

A wonderful idea from my wonderful husband

The plan:

Each son-in-law will get a Bible for a year -

They will read it and as they do, they will put their notes in the w i d e margins

Next Christmas they will pass the Bible on to another one, and do the same the next year, until they have all had all the Bibles.

What a neat idea! 

The good-looking guy in the middle came up with this wonderful idea!
He will have a Bible too, and put his notes in it.

Kinda wish the girls and me had done this too.  Maybe next year.  I sure do love that Red Bible.

Update:  The girls and I actually did get red Bibles just like the guys, and we are making notes and are planning on exchanging also.  I am looking forward to getting my youngest daughter, Hannahs, Bible and giving my Bible to my oldest daughter, Rebecca.  I love my family and I love my Bible! 
May always the Bible be precious to you,
For in its pages are promises true!
When tossed and turned on life's troubled sea,
Always remember God's Word is there.
The world may lend you success and pleasure,
Always remember this eternal treasure! 
Written by my husband, Lonnie Moore

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Moore" Christmas

Decorations for Christmas 2010 have been a little different for me, but I like them ok, and I hope those who look at them will like them as well.  It's pretty simple this year, so here are some simple pictures!

Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas in the Dining Room

My grandmother's teapot

Christmas In the Entry Way

Christmas In the Living Room

One of the old crystals off an antique chandelier

Mercury glass baubles from Hobby Lobby (all year decoration)

A little touch of red in an otherwise neutral tree


Friday, December 10, 2010

Plaid Possibilites

For the Beautiful Chirstmas on a Budget Party going on atthis week at Beneath My Heart, I have decided to post some pictures of the dining room. It seems to be the room that has come together the best this year.
I actually went outside and took this picture!  It was cold too, but I was trying to get the effect of how it looked from the outside at night. The effect I was trying to get, didn't work.  You'll just have to come to visit me to see for yourself.  Just call me ahead of time if you plan to look in my window!
Dining Room  Night Time

Dining Room Daytime
 I have tried to keep things a little more simple this year, but at the same time make it beautiful and interesting.  One thing that has been fun to use is plaid.  Plaid ribbon, wrapping paper, fabric for tree skirt, etc.  Using plaid along with burlap, and silver have kept things different in different rooms a little more in unity.
I can't believe it, but I actually discoverd something, or made a craft without even trying too hard.  See the plaid candle holder?  That is actually wrapping paper!  Yes, I couldn't believe it either.  I came up with the idea to decopodge it on the class vase, but when I cut the paper the size of the vase and wrapped it around it, it stayed put.  All I did was put a couple pieces of taped to hold it in place.  I think it would have stayed without the tape; that is if my grandkids did not get hold of it.
 Anyway, I was so excited, I had to tell someone! Maybe you can try doing something different with wrapping paper other than wrapping gifts.

I still can't believe it!!!!