Tuesday, February 2, 2010


One of the things which I have enjoyed about blogging is all the wonderful ideas and inspiration you get from others.

I got this idea from some blog which I read. I must learn how to link to other's blogs in my posts. Any way, she had done the word "HOME" on chip board letters and hung them over her sofa. I have always been at a loss as to what to put over the fireplace (it is a two-sided one that separates the living room and kitchen - see side bar). I thought this would be perfect. My intentions were to put them on the living room side, but I had them propped up on the kitchen side and decided they looked better there. This is pretty much the first thing you see when you come in the door. So, the word "HOME" is, hopefully a welcome sight to family and friends as they enter.

We had a snow day (which I love!!!!!!!!! seriously it is like a vacation day to me. I love it when everyone is snowed in! shhhhhhhh, some people round these parts might not like me if they heard me say this!) So on this snow day, I decided to do this project. Thankfully I already had the supplies purchased. It was very easy to do and I really like how it turned out!

Here are the instructions. (Tutorials will come someday........maybe!) For now it is just written words and pictures. Hopefully it will inspire someone.
These are all the supplies you need to do this project:
*Chip board letters for the word you are wanting to make (from craft store),
* a canvas for each letter (mine are 8x 10),
*a piece of scrap booking paper (I chose silver, cause, I love silver accessories this time of year), *some scissors,
* pencil,
* wood glue
*regular white glue,
* craft paint (pictured in a couple pictures below)
That's all!
No drills,
No nails,
No hammers,
No staples,
No sewing, not even a ruler. Well......., you could use a ruler or tape measure. I didn't and got into a l.i.t.t.l.e. trouble (read on!)

These chipboard letters are so inexpensive. Got these at Hobby Lobby for a dollar and something each. I really do like them....if you mess up, (you must read on!) well, then you haven't wasted a bunch of money like if you had bought real wooden ones.

Of course, you want to paint the letters. I chose this black, matte, paint. It is cheaper to use this craft paint than to use spray paint. Even though spray paint would have been quicker and easier, I guess. I do not like to spray paint unless I can be outside, and even then I feel like I am breathing in toxins. I know, I know, I know, Please don't tell me, my kids give me a hard enough time about my hangups!
Simply trace around the canvas on the paper with a pencil and then cut out the marked off piece. It is exactly the size of the canvas. (No wrapping needed, no spray painting needed, because you just use glue......keep reading!)

Glue the paper on to the canvas. Use only a small amount around the edges. A small dot in the center might be helpful. (Notice the paper is a textured paper so it is very forgiving if you make mistakes and I love the texture element as well!)

Using wood glue, I simply glued the letter to the canvas.

If you ever do this project, warning!!! Make sure your letters fit the canvases right. This is why you might want to add a ruler or tape measure to the supplies list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is why I don't do crafts very often. I didn't plan it all the way through, and as you can see there's a problem.....the "m" is wider than the canvas!!!!What to do???????????What to do??????? I don't want to redo all these. That would mean another trip out in the snow to Hobby Lobby. I don't think so!!!!!!!!! Just turn it over and it fits the other way!!!!

But wait.......it still was not the same size as the other letters, and looked kinda strange. I was pretty much ready to give up on it when my "knight in shining armor" came to my rescue.
"Lonnie Love" suggested putting it in this picture frame which I found going through some clutter! Amazingly, this picture frame was already painted silver. YAY! Otherwise, my simple, little, snow day project would not have been so simple! He tacked it in for me so it wouldn't fall out, and it turned out pretty nice.

One huge blessing is that our last name starts with the letter "M". Soooooo, the letter "M" is emphasized! Guess what? If our last name had started with some other letter, the letter "M" would still have been emphasized!

Awwwww! Finally........HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So pretty and inviting! We recently hung letters in Brianna's room (her name), and I will be posting pictures of that soon. It is so fun to personalize our homes! I love decorating too, so I would sure love to spend a day with you!

  2. As I was reading this post, I realized you could also just use pieces of wood. You would not have to use the canvases. It would probably be cheaper and easier! I tend to complicate things sometimes!