Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Touch O' Tangerine

My friends and family laugh at me when I tell them what the "color" of the year is! Actually I think, they think I'm a lil touched in the head!
It's just something I enjoy! I like to look up what the color of the year is going to be for the next year sometime in December. Then in January, when I don't have a clue what to replace all the Christmas decor with and the house looks so bare, I like to use whatever the color of the year is as a spring board on the direction the decoration is going. You all know I like to change it up a lot.
I don't know who made "the people", whoever "the people" are, the official "color of the year choosing people"; but they do exist. It Is Pantone. Neither do I know how they decide what is the color of the year, but they do! Last year's color was honeysuckle and the color for 2012 is Tangerine Tango! I promise it is! Tangerine tango is an orangish-redish color.  If you look around, you will see it everywhere this year.

You probably are like me thinking.....Tangerine? Are you serious? That was my first thought. I NEVER wear orange, it is not my "color"! I never wear orange or tangerine, nor do I hardly ever use orange in decorating. So, what am I supposed to do this year? Use what you have is my philosophy! You can see a little more about that here.
The following pictures show how I tried to incorporate tangerine (actually it's mostly orange) into the decorations by using what I have.

Throw pillows that I usually decorate with in the fall as well as the candles on the mantle.

Oranges in a basket - can't beat that for easy!

More pillows

More oranges ..... in a bowl in another room

More of the same
What do you think? You know what? I'm shocked at how much I like it. It will probably get old and come March green will take it's place, but for now ..... I like it! It adds such a bright and cheery and warm pop of color for the often drab days of January we have here in Kentucky. It kinda makes you think you're in Florida! Well, I won't go that far, but close!
So, what about you? Have you found a way to add a "touch o tangerine"? Try it! You might like it too!


The 14 Days of Valentines

The 14 Days of Valentines
This is the beginning of a series I decided to do for my husband and in honor of him for Valentines Day.  The plan is to do a post every day for 14 days about my wonderful husband, whom I consider a gift from God.  I love him so very much and hopefully it will show through these posts.  The posts will cover different aspects about him and what a great husband he is to me.  I can hear you now, "Oh please, spare us"!  I do hope that maybe it will be a blessing and and encouragement to someone.

Day one - I love the way my Valentine is so passionate about serving the Lord and preaching the gospel of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

In this post, I want to tell you a little about how that came to be.

It goes a long way back.  First of all, I prayed for him to be a preacher!  I know that may sound crazy, but from the time I was a young girl, I prayed that the Lord would let me marry a preacher.  At the same time, Lonnie was growing up clear across the county from me, and he says that pretty much all his life he knew that the Lord wanted him to  be a preacher!  He also says, that does not mean that he surrendered to that "call" early in life.    He actually says that he really didn't want to be a preacher.  He grew up in a preacher's home and his family went through a lot of hardships throughout the years.  He knew what it was like for his dad to have to be on duty  24/7.   Because of the crime in the area in which they lived, many times those "calls of duty" for his preacher-dad were very difficult circumstances to deal with.  Many times, due to situations beyond his dad's control, his family's safety was at risk.  So, you can understand how as a child, you would not necessarily want to have that as your everyday life.  So, he didn't answer the "call" of God on his life right away.

He actually did not answer the "call" until after we were married!

We were married at a young age.  I'm not going to say how young;  there may be young girls reading this and they don't need to know!  Things were just different back then!  Lol!

Anyway,   after we got married, I never thought that the Lord hadn't answered my prayer.  I knew that Lonnie was going to be a preacher someday.

We were married in August and in November of that same year during a missions conference at the church we attended during Bible College, my husband surrendered to be a preacher.  He says that as he knelt there and the pastor asked him why he had come, that he heard himself saying, " the Lord has called me to preach"!  He said it seemed as if someone besides himself was saying those words!  The preacher had him stand and announce to the church what he had just told him, and Lonnie says,  that since that day he has never looked back.

Victory Baptist Church in Rossville, GA, where my
husband anwered the call to preach.
 I knew that night that the Lord had answered my prayer and had given me my "preacher man"!
I'm so thankful for that and the fact that he never looked back but has, stayed true to this verse of scripture:  Php 3:13 "Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,
14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus".

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