Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Touch O' Tangerine

My friends and family laugh at me when I tell them what the "color" of the year is! Actually I think, they think I'm a lil touched in the head!
It's just something I enjoy! I like to look up what the color of the year is going to be for the next year sometime in December. Then in January, when I don't have a clue what to replace all the Christmas decor with and the house looks so bare, I like to use whatever the color of the year is as a spring board on the direction the decoration is going. You all know I like to change it up a lot.
I don't know who made "the people", whoever "the people" are, the official "color of the year choosing people"; but they do exist. It Is Pantone. Neither do I know how they decide what is the color of the year, but they do! Last year's color was honeysuckle and the color for 2012 is Tangerine Tango! I promise it is! Tangerine tango is an orangish-redish color.  If you look around, you will see it everywhere this year.

You probably are like me thinking.....Tangerine? Are you serious? That was my first thought. I NEVER wear orange, it is not my "color"! I never wear orange or tangerine, nor do I hardly ever use orange in decorating. So, what am I supposed to do this year? Use what you have is my philosophy! You can see a little more about that here.
The following pictures show how I tried to incorporate tangerine (actually it's mostly orange) into the decorations by using what I have.

Throw pillows that I usually decorate with in the fall as well as the candles on the mantle.

Oranges in a basket - can't beat that for easy!

More pillows

More oranges ..... in a bowl in another room

More of the same
What do you think? You know what? I'm shocked at how much I like it. It will probably get old and come March green will take it's place, but for now ..... I like it! It adds such a bright and cheery and warm pop of color for the often drab days of January we have here in Kentucky. It kinda makes you think you're in Florida! Well, I won't go that far, but close!
So, what about you? Have you found a way to add a "touch o tangerine"? Try it! You might like it too!