Monday, February 28, 2011

Crystal "Shine" delier!

This is a project long time in the making.

After looking like this

 for, oh I don't know, probably 5 or so years,  (actually worse, because I washed it in dishwasher),

This wonderful old chandalier that my husband and I picked up at an antique store for $30.00, now looks like this:

Thanks to Lonnielove for doing this:

Yes, he put this thing that was in broken pieces together and now it looks like, well, not new, but shiny like new.  It can't look like new, because it probably came out of an old restaurant, and I really don't want it to look new.  So it really looks the way I wanted it to look, I guess.  I'm happy with having a light over the dining room table, can you tell?!

Oh and I helped: 

Who can find the clue in the above picture that I helped??????
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