Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mom n Me


From: Gail Moore <>
Date: November 12, 2011 3:13:12 PM EST
To: Gail Moore <>
Subject: Mom n Me

This past week, I visited mom and took the opportunity to get a picture made with her .  I had recently realized that I didn't have one.  Now isn't that awful? Sometimes we tend to forget to  capture and preserve the most precious images.    I knew there was too many technical devices that could capture a memory to let this opportunity pass by, so we got this picture !  I'm glad we did!  

For fun, I did a little quiz for Facebook friends having them guess which one was the mother and which one was the daughter.  It seems like the one with the gray hair should be the mom doesn't it?  Don't answer that!  I guess I could have asked which one colors and which one doesn't!  Well, if I had of asked that question, the answer would have been neither!  FYI, my mom doesn't dye her hair!  She doesn't have to!  She is seventy and does not have hardly, if any, gray hair!  What happened to me?  Idk!  I guess I took after my dad!  Anyway, here's Mom and me!  I'm thankful for her!  More than I could ever say!