Monday, March 25, 2013

Moore Family Ordinary Moment

On Instagram in the month of March, some of us have been sharing a pic a day of various, random, everyday pictures.  Today (March 25,) is supposed to b a picture of an ordinary moment.

My picture was actually taken from a video (link posted at the end of this post)

Now, the reason I call it an ordinary moment is because it is nothing out of the ordinary for this to happen when our girls are together.  They just, out of the blue, spontaneously break out into song!!   In fact, to be honest, we would think something was wrong if this didn't happen!

Well, this was supposed to be an ordinary moment, and it is when they're all together.  However, since they can't be together very much now days, (Leah couldn't even be here for this special time) a moment like this could also be labeled an "extra" ordinary moment!  To this mother heart it was a "precious, so glad I got it on video (only wish Leah coulda' been here)," kinda moment!

Hope you enjoy, and please excuse the missing cabinet doors.  They're being updated!  : )

Click the link below to watch: