Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time to Tile!

"We"   (I'm smiling sheepishly right now because my husband did all the work) , finally jumped into a project that we had been putting off for a looooong time.  That is to tile the bathroom upstairs that goes between two guest rooms.  We actually have had the tile for a couple of years now.  It was just one of those things that we kept procrastinating about.  I know no one else ever does that! : )  When company was coming for a few days, that got us hopping.  As a matter of fact, there were other projects that were completed as well; one being a new microwave oven installed  (YAY!  Can you see the big grin on my face?)  by none other than, you guessed it, my DIY husband!

So slowly, but surely, (cause my DIYer is also a perfectionist), things are getting done.  I love it! 

The flooring that was in the bathroom (which I forgot to get a picture of) had been there since the house was built, 17years ago and it was uuuuu ga ly! Not to mention worn out.  It literally had a hole in it that I had to cover with a rug.  So, it was time for the tile!

These first pictures are of the bathroom after the vinyl flooring had been ripped out, and before the tile was laid. The "before" pics, I guess you can say.

It got worse before it got better!

Cutting the board that goes under the tile.

Bringing the board upstairs.  He made a lot of trips up and down these and the basement steps.  He was pretty tuckered out after this.  We are not getting any younger, you know!  He enjoys this kind of stuff, though.  I sure am glad!  He has gotten some experience at laying tile in the past couple of years; some for us and some for others.  I don't think he's ready to go into it as a career or even as a hobby.  It's pretty hard work.  Take it from one who knows!  (there's that sheepish grin again!)

 .                                                            Now,  for the "reveal"!

Welcome to the upstairs guest bathroom!

........and here are more "after" pics...........

It looks tons better!  Keep in mind that this is only a renovation of the tile.  The little room also needs to be painted.  I think I have decided to paint it some kind of a gray color and use yellow accents.  Those two colors (I don't know if you can tell by the pictures or not, are actually in the tile.  That's where I got my idea from!  I'm  really smart when it comes to decorating!)  Just kidding!

Here are a couple more pictures of this little space to show a little more how it looks.  We may never come this way again! looks really cool when and if I ever get it painted gray!   I really had rather do posts on other rooms than bathrooms!  I kept trying not to get a picture of the commode!  I thought you could probably do without that! 

Yes, I had to put a little "French twist" to this room as I do to most of the rooms in my house.  Le Bain.  Now that doesn't  sound too bad.  Maybe I will do another post on the bath and entitle it Le Bain.  You can be on the lookout for it, ok?  I'm sure you can't wait!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer.......awwwwww! Some of My Favs about it! Enjoy!

When I was younger, Fall was my favorite time of the year.  As I have gotten older, for some reason I just love the Spring and the Summer.  I can't really put it into words as to why.  So rather than try to explain it, I hope these pictures will tell the story.  Some of my favs.......

Flowers from the yard picked by my husband especially for me; especially these hydrangeas!

and this Russian Sage......smells so......fresh!

Fruit from the fruit trees in the yard (even though birds, bugs, and critters get most before we do!)

The back yard that my husband works so hard on to make it beautiful!

The little pond and especially the little wind mill with the lights that glow after dark!

Petunias in a pot on the porch!

Lem yum nade!

Blackeyed Susies too!

Hibiscuis plant  (first time this year) in the color of the year!

This sweet boy getting to come and spend time with Pawpaw and Granna.  He's as precious as the dove he is holding.  He and his Pawpaw are constantly doing things like this.  Wish I could show you the video of him letting this beautiful dove loose.  It's sweet!

Watching a  sweet toddler discover the world of Summer!

Road trips!

Cuteness like this!

Having fun watching these two sweeties have fun!

Girl's Outings

Lush Lawns

Having these three come to sweet.......never a dull moment!


Views from the hammock!  Awwwww......yes, I love Summer!
Friends, don't be surprised if you see this post appear again, because I know there will be other favs that will have to be added.  We still have a long way to go before Summer is over.  Oh yes we do!   I am so thankful for the wonderful Summer season our wonderful Lord has given us.   Hope you are enjoying your Summer! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Waves of Progress

This year has been the year for upgrades on "this old house"! I know I should have been blogging more about it, and I have intended to more, really I have. It's just that I get caught up in everyday life and get engrossed in reading everyone else's blogs, and don't give attention to mine as I should.

We have done quite a lot, though, and hopefully I will manage to post about all of it before the year is out. I do want to show you a "quick" update that was made just today. Here's what I mean by quick. A NEW MICROWAVE OVEN!
I know this is not very exciting to anyone else other than me, but I am pretty excited about this little beauty considering what she replaced.  The picture below doesn't show the broken handle and how yellowed it had gotten.  Trust me, it was pretty bad.  I didn't know just how bad until it was removed completely.  Yuck!

My husband is such a DIYer!  It would have been $150 to have this installed by the store where we purchased it.  He says, "thanks, but no thanks"!  He has saved us tons of money!  I sure am thankful that he is willing and able to do these kinds of things. 

He did say that this project was a little more than he had anticipated~
The difference it has made in the kitchen, though, has been well worth it. 

Oh, by the way, it matches the new fridge that the Lord blessed us with a couple of months ago.  I have intentions of a blog post about that too.  Little by little,  in  "small waves " the kitchen make-over is taking place! 

You will never believe what my husband did after he got through installing this microwave.  He began tiling the floor in the upstairs guest bathroom!

Progress on upgrades is looking up!  He is such a busy man and I am so grateful for all his work. 

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Raising 4 Princesses: T' Shirt to Tea Party Gloves

Raising 4 Princesses: T' Shirt to Tea Party Gloves: "I don't know about you, but I think wearing gloves is a lost art in modern womanhood. I know they're highly impractical, but in my mind's e..."