Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty Peonies from Papa!

Look at this beautiful bouquet of Peonies (I think that's what they're called) that my father-in-law (better known as "Papa"), picked for me. 

He has a bush in his yard that is ENORMOUS!  He knows how much I love these flowers, and so that's why he picked them.  Isn't that sweet!

and that's not all......

He said that I deserved them!  I thought that was so swee!

They smell wonderful!  We actually have some of these flowers in our yard as well, but I was still thankful for the thoughtfulness of my "papa"-in-law!

Does anyone else have a Peony bush or bouquet?

I'm linking to Missy's Thursdays, Trinkets and Treasures.  She isn't feeling well, so I want to share this bouquet with her in hopes that it will make her feel better!