Thursday, December 16, 2010

Winter Wonderland ....for real!

Whats Black and White and ..."Read"?

A special gift to our four son-in-laws

A wonderful idea from my wonderful husband

The plan:

Each son-in-law will get a Bible for a year -

They will read it and as they do, they will put their notes in the w i d e margins

Next Christmas they will pass the Bible on to another one, and do the same the next year, until they have all had all the Bibles.

What a neat idea! 

The good-looking guy in the middle came up with this wonderful idea!
He will have a Bible too, and put his notes in it.

Kinda wish the girls and me had done this too.  Maybe next year.  I sure do love that Red Bible.

Update:  The girls and I actually did get red Bibles just like the guys, and we are making notes and are planning on exchanging also.  I am looking forward to getting my youngest daughter, Hannahs, Bible and giving my Bible to my oldest daughter, Rebecca.  I love my family and I love my Bible! 
May always the Bible be precious to you,
For in its pages are promises true!
When tossed and turned on life's troubled sea,
Always remember God's Word is there.
The world may lend you success and pleasure,
Always remember this eternal treasure! 
Written by my husband, Lonnie Moore