Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Don't Put It Off 'til Tomorrow

Do you consider yourself a procrastinator?  Do you "put off tomorrow what you could do today"?

I think most of us have to admit we've been guilty a few times in our life.

A few years ago, (actually it has been several years ago now), I was introduced to "Anti-Procrastination Day" by non other than Fly Lady.

It is always a help to me.  That is unless I "put off" doing it!

The idea is to have one day a week (her day and mine as well is Wednesday) where you make a point to accomplish as many tasks as you can, tasks that you have been putting off, ignoring, hiding, putting  out of sight and mind, you know the ones I'm talking about!

I gotten several things done today that I've been putting off!  Here's one!

Procrastination Basket

I don't know if you can see this or not, but there are Christmas cards in there!   Yeah , it's Feb. 27!
No, I'm not a procrastinator!
Anti-Procrastination Basket

Awwww!  Better!  
 One of the things that I like to do on Anti-Procrastination Day is go into every room of the house and look for the main thing in that room that I have been putting off doing, and just do it! That's the best way, just hop to it and "get 'er done"!! Does anyone else have an Anti-procrastination Day?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Kitchen Reno

  • Today I am inviting you to go in a journey with me!  The journey called, "The Kitchen Renno"!    In all reality, though, if you're just staring today, you're gonna have some catching up to do.  this journey started a year or so ago.  

    I guess you could say this "reno"  is in different stages.

    Replacing the appliances, and island makeover,  I'm calling stage one.  You can also read more about this here.

    We are starting the second stage with replacing countertops!  YAY!  Can you hear the excitement in my voice? Squealing like a schoolgirl! Yes I am!  Also in this stage we will be painting the doors to our existing cabinets.   These cabinets were popular in the 90s when we in stalled them.  I doubt seriously that they are being made today.   If anyone is planning on installing these pressed wood cabinets with plastic wrapped  doors, please, please, please give it some more thought.  (I didn't  really think anyone was!) Trust me, you will wish you hadn't or you will end  doing what I did to the doors to our cabinets. 

    At least it comes off in one sheet.  It's glued on, in case you're wondering.

    Back to the counter tops......The existing countertops have actually been very durable for nearly 19 years.  They are white laminate. Maybe because they are white  I haven't gotten tired of them.  They have been very easy to keep up, because I have always been able to bleach to remove stains.  

    However, recently that's not the case. There are stains that have that I cannot really remove.

    So it is time for them to go and be replaced with ......get ready for this....GRANITE.    I'm sure you heard the excitement then in my voice! I am so super super excited! I will say more about this as we go along in the renno.   Just let me tell you though, we are getting a terrific deal on this granite.  It's just one of the Lord's blessings.  I will share that source and info about it soon.

    As excited as I am, I also have to have patience and make myself wait.   This renno  is not going to happen over night.  That's  why I'm calling it a journey.  As a matter of fact, the granite can't be ordered until the middle of March.  That's 0K!  I'm more than willing to wait considering the deal we are getting.

    So, I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with us!  Please have patience as I may have lapses between posts. Ha ha!  hopefully not brain lapses but time lapses!  Remember, I have to have patience too!   I will post as often as I can.