Saturday, January 30, 2010


I will never forget January 29, 1983. As I was sitting at the kitchen table, I looked outside at the night sky and there was the fullest moon

I had ever seen. I was 9 months pregnant. You guessed it. The next day our fourth daughter, Hannah Lonee, was born.

Hannah probably got stuck with more nick names than any of the other girls. It is just such an easy name to do that with. "Hannah Banana", "Hannah Banana Peel", "Hannah Bandana", and my favorite for her, "Hanz Bananz". One of the nicknames she has so lovingly been called is "Haney Leeler", given to her by one of her nieces. She loves her nieces and nephews and the love is mutual.

Hannah, of course was named for Hannah in the Bible. The name has been used a lot in the past several years. In fact, a few years ago, it was the name of the year for girls. We picked it because of it's meaning (gracious or favored), and because of the wise, woman (W.O.W.), and her great character in the Bible; Hannah, Samuel's mother. Of course we know, Hannah was a woman of prayer. What better way to be remembered than that you could get hold of God in prayer and have your prayers answered in such a remarkable way.

Hannah has always been such a blessing to us. Several things about her getting into this world are a little hilarious and we've always laughed about them. One of them being, she was supposed to be "Lonnie Jr." - according to the ultra sound. God had other plans! (I'm sure husband, Jason Wheeler is glad of that!) I guess in the 80"s ultra sound technology" was not up to par. Lonnie said he always knew we were having another girl; that he was going to have a girl's quartet! Another funny thing was the trip from Booneville Ky., where we then lived, to Lexington, Ky., to the hospital. This was an hour and forty five minute trip and my father-in-law drove us. He drove with the "pedal to the medal" and emergency blinkers on the whole way. I was in the back seat laughing (needless to say "real labor" had not really started yet). He drove up to the emergency door and started blowing for people to get out of the way! He dropped us off there (early in the day), and we did not see him until the end of the day after the baby was born!

Another funny thing was when "real labor" set in, I told my nurse that I was ready for my epidural, and she informed me, "honey, Dr. Johnson doesn't give epidurals, she only believes in having natural deliveries"! Oops a little matter I had failed to discuss with my doctor.

Dr. Louise Johnson, who delivered Hannah, was amused that Lonnie thought we were having another girl. When she announced to us "it's a girl", Lonnie said, "now I have my quartet"!

On my return visits to see the doctor, she always, laughingly, commented on "the quartet". This has proven to be true; the four girls love to sing together.

So, on this, your 26th birthday (so hard to believe), Hannah Lonee, we want to tell you we love you and wish you a Happy Birthday and are so glad that you "made" the quartet! (Music From Moores)

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