Thursday, February 18, 2010


This is my first Tablescape Thursday post. I have been wanting to participate for a long time, but am just now getting to it. I have just been "stalking" everyone else's! I really haven't been blogging very long, and am just getting the "hang" of some things. I have enjoyed getting to see so many wonderful ideas by so many wonderful women! It's so inspiring, and much less expensive than decorating magazines!

It seems that even though SPRING may not be in the air, it is in everyone's mind!!!!. Many of us are trying to figure out ways to get it here sooner or to get our homes to feel like it is here at least.

So, for my table scape, I along with others am doing a SPRINGY THINGY! It is amazing how just a little touch of SPRING does lift your spirits!

Since we are experiencing some very "wintry" weather, here in our neck of the woods, I kept a few "wintry" touches, such as the silver twigs in the bowl. They are actually left over from Christmas, and do add a little BLING!

Here is a "bird's eye view ("you will get the connection soon! Ha Ha!!!) of the table scape!

These colors say SPRING to me: This kind of "robin egg" blue, and of course GREEN. By the way, I was able to purchase these homemade napkins at a antique store last fall, and only paid $5.00 for six of them. I love them. I used them at Christmas as well. They looked beautiful with some red touches.

Of course, birds and SPRING are thought of together. So I have, along with several other elements, birds on my SPRINGY table. I love these birds that I have had for several years and have used them over and over. As a matter of fact, they have taken flight and have perched in many different areas of my house! I'm notorious for moving things around. Just ask my family members. Another decorating item which I love are my "new found" faux (but don't they look so real?!) artichokes! These just add that little "umph" that is sometimes needed; or maybe it's because they're GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I think of SPRING and GREEN, I think of my little collection of these Homer Laughlin plates. I don't have many collections, but this one is problably my favorite. I love it so much that it is actually my inspiration for my decorating theme, not only for my table, but for the whole house. I don't really know what the name of that theme would be, but on the name of the print on these plates is "Pastoral"! Ha Ha! I thought that was interesting since my husband is a Pastor! The word however, means: a poem depicting country life, or in music..... harmony. (something like that anyway!) I love this definition. It really does describe our life. I love these little plates (if anyone knows where I can find any, please let me know since I only have four), for several reasons. One the "pastoral" thing; secondly, the fact that they are GREEN in color, and thirdly, they remind me of my child hood when in the SPRING, my grandfather and dad would begin to plow the fields for planting.

One of my "more interesting" shots!!!

After taking a "kazillion" pictures, trying to get the "perfect" shot of the dining room, I finally got these by setting the camera on the island in the kitchen and taking the picture from behind the iisland. I like the way these pictures turned out. You really do have to play with the light in a room. The dining room which is painted a grayish, greenish, color (kinda like the moss on trees), actually changes colors through out the day depending on where the sun is.

It is so easy to make a center piece with cake stands. I have several cake stands, and the arrangements you can come up with are endless. Here there is a large cake stand on the bottom with a clear glass pedestal bowl placed on top. On the cake stand a black wreath with glassy, clear, crystal "thingys" on it which SPARKLE. I like to use this from October all the way into winter because it adds SPARKLE, or BLING! I also love to add animal print. So, that's why there's a zebra print bauble or what ever you call it in the bowl. I heard from a decorator somewhere that you should have some animal print in every room. I don't know if I am that crazy about it, but it does seem to make things pop. I have used it in several places in the dining room. The color that we are all looking for, though is........GREEN. The green limes, a Hobby Lobby favorite!


  1. Your "Springy scape" was lovely. I, also, love green. I used it on my tablescape this time, too. Your dishes are beautiful. I have not seen the pastoral print with the white edges but I will keep my eye out for them. We have much in common including our names. Blessings

  2. How pretty and springy -- I'm so glad that you've joined us at TT -- Welcome! And I hope I'll see you around. Love your pretty green plates.

  3. Gail, what a nice spring table! I love those HL 'Pastoral' plates...that is the name of the pattern. The little bird napkin rings are adorable. Thanks for sharing and hope to see you at the next TT.