Friday, December 24, 2010

Our "Off" Christmas!

Every other year the girls spend Christmas with us and, of course, the other year with their husbands'  families. 

This works out great!  At first I thought it would be hard, but it actually has not been as hard as I thought it would be.  Of course, we still get together and exchange gifts and have Pepperoni Bread (their favorite) sometime during the Christmas season.  (maybe even at Thanksgiving) 

They also do the everyotheryearthingy with Thanksgiving as well.  This year was our Thanksgiving year.  That's when we took the "Christmas" picture of the family. (above).  This is actually a plus, because when it's our year for Christmas, we really don't get a family picture to send out. 

Another plus is that Lonnie Love and I get to spend some quality time together!  As a matter of fact, we already exchnged gifts on Christmas Eve morning.  It was a sweet time.  Yes, the "off" Christmas year has it's advantages!  One of them being the reminder that "because two people met......".  Actually, it's because the Lord brought two people together!  As we knelt and thanked Him this morning for all the children and prayed for them and their families (their inlaws included), we thanked Him for the "gift" of each other.  At the risk of sound "mushy",  I'm so thankful that we are together!  Even if it is just the two of us!