Friday, December 10, 2010

Plaid Possibilites

For the Beautiful Chirstmas on a Budget Party going on atthis week at Beneath My Heart, I have decided to post some pictures of the dining room. It seems to be the room that has come together the best this year.
I actually went outside and took this picture!  It was cold too, but I was trying to get the effect of how it looked from the outside at night. The effect I was trying to get, didn't work.  You'll just have to come to visit me to see for yourself.  Just call me ahead of time if you plan to look in my window!
Dining Room  Night Time

Dining Room Daytime
 I have tried to keep things a little more simple this year, but at the same time make it beautiful and interesting.  One thing that has been fun to use is plaid.  Plaid ribbon, wrapping paper, fabric for tree skirt, etc.  Using plaid along with burlap, and silver have kept things different in different rooms a little more in unity.
I can't believe it, but I actually discoverd something, or made a craft without even trying too hard.  See the plaid candle holder?  That is actually wrapping paper!  Yes, I couldn't believe it either.  I came up with the idea to decopodge it on the class vase, but when I cut the paper the size of the vase and wrapped it around it, it stayed put.  All I did was put a couple pieces of taped to hold it in place.  I think it would have stayed without the tape; that is if my grandkids did not get hold of it.
 Anyway, I was so excited, I had to tell someone! Maybe you can try doing something different with wrapping paper other than wrapping gifts.

I still can't believe it!!!!

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