Monday, November 21, 2011

Fwd: Sneak Peek

From: Gail Moore <>
Date: November 21, 2011 10:56:23 AM EST
To: Gail Moore <>
Subject: Sneak Peek

Every year we try t get a family picture done.  It has been a tradition for maaaannnnnnyyyyyy years.  We have always tried to give one to each family in the church.  I just know that every year they're anxiously awaiting the "Moore's Christmas Photo"!  Just so they can throw it in trash can, I mean, put it on fridge!

A lot of families do this I know, and if your family is of any size, then you know how difficult getting a family pic can be.  We used to think it was hard when we only had 4 girls!  Wow!  If we had only known!  Now quadruple that!  

In this picture the kids just automatically fell down on the ground!  Love their hearts; they're so used to having pictures taken.  The son- in- laws, though, they're a different story.  I won't even go there.  Just let me say that they act like they can't wait to get the photo shoot over with!  The word "act" is the keyword here!  I think they actually enjoy it!  I know they enjoy seei g themselves!  JK!!  Well, not really!  I can say these things on here, cause none of them follow!  Ha ha!  I love my SILS!

This picture was taken at the 50 anniversary service of Sugar Camp Baptist Church in Booneville, Ky., where my father- in-law ( pictured in center) pastored for 41 years.  Last year we had the picture taken in front of the church where I grew up, and this year where my husband grew up.  This is very special to us.  Anyway, this is a sneak peek of Christmas pic 2011.



  1. I love that you take a family picture every year! My oldest son will not take a picture hardly EVER..that's why I cherish the ones I have of him with his daughter...they're about the only ones I have that don't have his hands in front of his face or a grumpy scowl! lol He has never been one to want to take a picture..but he has a sweet heart. :)
    Hope you have a Very Happy Thanksgiving and get to be with all your family.
    Love ya lots!
    PS..we should get together and do something after the holidays are over. Maybe you could come to Georgetown and hang out with me one day! :)

  2. You mean the family picture-taking gets harder?! Wow... and it usually takes several turns just to get everyone to look at the camera right now. And then smiling is an altogether different matter! :-)

    Love your family picture for this year! And love that you are having your pictures done in front of special places! So neat!