Saturday, September 4, 2010

Belated Beauty

While going through some pictures, I came across these shots that I took early in June of this year(2010),  and had intended to blog about them.  Since it is now September, I  decided I had better blog about them before winter!

  I took all of these as I was walking in our back yard. 

                   I was impressed myself!

So many beautiful things are in bloom in the month of June, and it is a wonderful time to take pictures.

I am thankful to the Lord for all the beauty He has given me in my own back yard, and I am thankful to my wonderful husband (Lonnie)  who planted every bush and every tree and every flower in our back yard.  Trust me, if it had been left to me, there probably would not have been all this beauty.  I do not have a green thumb!

I have enjoyed looking at the pictures of the back yard in June. It looks different now with Fall setting in, and it will definitely look different in Winter, especially when there is about an inch of ice hanging on all this vegetation. I love living in a four season area, though. We get to see all of God's beauty this way. You may see this post again, though, come January or February!

              Come.......take a stroll with me, on a day in June, in my backyard!

Some beauty that I love, but don't know the name of
I'm not sure this family would always be welcome, but they are cute!
Yes, this is a "green" blackberry, and yes, we do make Blackberry Cobbler from them!
Quaint little old chair!  Left over from the days when I stopped at every "junk" store I saw.  It survived getting pitched in the "decluttering" process; just got a new home.  Some sad news though, it is now dead......devoured by some kind of insects in the garden, and now it really is a piece of junk and has to be pitched anyway!  (sniff sniff)
Lillies ..... from a friend's from Georgia's  garden!
Cherries, and yes we do make cherry pies.....well, sometimes!
Poor Little Old chair again!
Not a very good pic, but my favorite......white Hydrangas.

This purplish flower came from our "homeplace" in Eastern Kentucky.  Several things in our backyard were transplants from there.  That's one reason why it's so special!  Guess if we ever move......they'll be transplanted again!   It is really a beautiful flower. Name??????

Peaches.......ummmm, don't think I've ever made a peach cobbler from these.
Don't know the name of these beauties either.  Told you I wasn't a green thumb.  I'm just a spoiled wife who enjoys all that her husband works so hard at planting.
I do know the name of these......Crab Apples.  The trees have been loaded this the point of bending the branches over.  I've heard that these make wonderful jelly, but I haven't tried it...I should, I know.....maybe next year!  Recipes anyone?
Funny story behind these flowers.....they were planted for one of our daughter's wedding receptions a few years ago.  I was so confused on what colors and stye she wanted in her wedding.  These were planted in the spring before her wedding, because I thought these were some of the colors she was going to use, but it really wasn't.  Oh well, at least I tried, and they have been beautiful flowers to look at out the kitchen window every year since!
Old toad looking over into the pond.
Stone pathway that my wonderful husband alsodid.
Decided, on a whim to set the flower pot in the little iron chair, and liked it!
Hope you enjoyed your stroll.....please come again!..soon, before winter!


  1. This is beautiful Gail,I have so enjoyed looking and reading this.

  2. Gail could you be any awesomer???? ;)

  3. These are so pretty thanks for sharing, hugs and blessings Barbara