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THE PARTY WILL BEGIN WHETHER I AM READY OR NOT WHEN .........HannahJasonEdenEliAbbySarahTimJackobLeahDanLonnieRayCaswellOliviaAnnaGraceRebeccaKevin (there’s 8, yes, I said E.I.G.H.T. grandbabies in there; can you find them?!!!!) get here!
WooHoo! Got the “mess” cleaned up from “Operation Christmas Decoration” that has been going on for the last 3 weeks! Why do we do the things we do? Iiiii dunknow....but I do know that it is something I enjoy. So does my family, so they just let me be and do my thing....which is to “play” house and decorate to my heart’s content in the month of December! Lonnie, my Love, helps me whenever I ask him. He did think I was kinda caaarazy when I asked him to help me put up outside lights in November, but I know if you asked him he would say he is glad we did it then and not wait until December.

I think I missed the Christmas Tour of Homes on a blog link, but I am going to go ahead with it anyway. Have gotten a few good pics with new camera, (some are not so good....close ups do better for some reason. ) Hope you enjoy...I've certainly had a good time....guess that's what matters. Everything may not be perfect, but I don't think that will ever happen......so here goes......


Glad you came to visit, but you don't have to sit down out here, come on in a stay a while! Don't know if you can see the red "stuff" in the arrangement behind the trees, but it is "sumate". Lonnie Love gathered it from the woods in eastern Ky at Thanksgiving. I made for a wonderful outside arrangement (not inside because the berries shed). Just stuck some pine branches in an old antique lantern with the sumate, and it made a nice Christmas arrangemen

Love me some foil ribbon or whatever it is called. This stuff will shape into whatever you want it to. It's great!

A cloche (have you ever heard of one of those? they are the best thing since sliced bread in the decorating world!) on the piano in foyer.

For some reason, I cannot get a good picture of the tree. I have better success with close ups, so here are a few close ups.

From the Dining Room:

Scenes from the side board

Have you ever done a tablescape? It is really fun! If you don't know what kind of decoration to put on your table, do a table scape. Just get things that go together to make a theme, or things of like color or a set of something (in my case, it is a nativity set). It goes really well since it is a "pearly white" (that's in a song, isn't it..."Pearly White City") I just use a mirror and set candles, a tree, some and the nativity set on a table runner down the middle of the table. Then I just stretched some ribbon and star garland down the runner and "through" the table scape.

Closeups do ok, in here. This is Mr. or Mrs. (?????) Peacock (I hope not too proud!)

More "Tablescape"

We have a two-sided fireplace. Kinda wierd, I guess, but just the way we designed it. One side is in the living room, and the other (pictured below) is on the kitchen side. The deco seen here, is my early Christmas present. (Seems like I have several "early" Christmas presents!) Every year I don't know what to put on this side of the fireplace at Christmas time. So what did I do this year? Right after Thanksgiving , I went to one of my fav stores, its initials are Hobby Lobby, LOL!, and got the two sconces (already had the plate rack), the apothacary jars (love them, they are filled with faux snow and ornaments), the garland, and the bird stands and turquoise bead garland (this pic does not show the birds and the garland) also the one plate is a Christmas plate. It really looks better in person; take my word for it. Or better yet, come and see for yourself

It seems like the word "joy" keeps showing up at this time of year. I love this word. It's what you have have when you know the real meaning of Christmas; which is JESUS, yes it is CHRIST! You can't have that when it is "holiday". Thanks for letting me do a little "preaching here"! As a matter of fact, you can have it all the year through; not just at Christmas. I'm glad it made it's way into deco for Christmas. It is one of my favorite things, (hmmmmm, that's in a song too, I believe!!!) I mean, things I have done for decorations this year. I am thinking about leaving it up after Christmas. What do you think?

You can't tell it in this picture, but these canvas blocks are turquoise (the # 1 color for 2010, by the way. I know, you would think that I would have more to do than to look up the color forecasts for 2010!) I do!
"Presents beneath the tree" - Seems like I might heard that in a Christmas song somewhere, or did I just imagine that! Anyway, that 's where mine are and I am sooooooooooooo happy! It doesn't take much! But remember it's the word "finished" that makes me that way right

This is the picture I took when I finally decided to sit down and do this post. I have to say that I'm pretty amazed at how it looks after the gbabies have been here today, and after I had all the ribbons for "garnishing" the packages (see them under the tree? yes, they are under there) in the middle of the floor. Let's just say this is not the way it looked a few hours ago!

Let's start at the front door of what I call "Moore Manor"

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