Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why White????

Good Question!  As for the answer, I don't know if I can answer that or not, but I'm going to try in this post about the painting of the living room. 

Early January (20ll), I casually told my husband that we needed to paint.....soon.  Well, he took me seriously.  So seriously that at church the next service he asked a painter in our church to come and do some painting for us.  He told me after church that he was coming the next day!  Yikes!  Wait!  I'm not ready!  Yet I knew that here was my chance and that I better get ready!

Soooooo, after many hours, (I hate to admit that, but yes, hours) on line actually doing what I call a "crash course" on interior painting, (thanks to Maria  at http://mariakillam.com/home.htm)  and after many trips to Lowes and thousands,   several paint decks and samples,  I always came back to, yes, you guessed it, WHITE!

I really don't know why except that when I look at pictures of all white rooms, my heart just seems to kinda pitter patter!  Words like, peaceful, clean, restful, pure, relaxing come to mind!  I know it is not the look a lot of people are going after, and on most of the home decorating shows, they really look down on all white.  Oh well, I still like it!  Acutally, I remember when we first built the house 16 years ago that I really wanted to paint the walls white, and the woman at the paint store talked me out of it.  That goes to show it's always good to go with your first choice!

Another reason is because I like to change things up so much, and what "color" goes with everything any better than white?!!!!

I have loved painted white furniture for a loooong time and have much painted white furniture.  My kitchen is white as well.  It is just something that I never tire of, and as one avid white fan said, when you get started on white, you just want more white!

Sooooooooooooo, there are some of the reasons.  I guess there are others, and if  I think of them I will add them later.  For now, I guess the answer to my own question of "Why White?" is "Why Not?"

You can see the way the living room looked before here.   Also below are some close ups of the before wall color.   It was a creamy color which was OK, but I like the white much better.  The actual name of it is "Spare White". 

Before white and with the "touch up" mud.

As you can see here, it had a sort of brownish tint to it.

Before when compared to the white trim.

This is an after white paint shot taken by grandaughter,  Abby.  Without looking at the items which are not supposed to be in here,  (bench, black and white picture on fireplace, etc.), you can see how much brighther these walls are. 

I still have quite a bit to do in this room, but I really do like the way it turned out.