Monday, March 21, 2011

My "Old" Old Ky Home

This past weekend my husband was out of town and I decided it was time to go "home"!

I took a trip to see my mom!  She lives in Eastern Ky in the same house where I grew up.  I had a wonderful time as usual.

I even got to go to church with her on Sunday morning.  I don't remember doing that since I've been married!  (Many moons!) 

I love to visit my mom.  She is such a blessing to me.  I am so thankful for her.  She always blesses my heart each time I go.  I love to hear the stories and accounts of things in her childhood and from the neighborhood (the same one she has lived most of her life in). 

It makes me sad to leave and each time I go, I know I need to go more.  It is just hard to get a way sometimes, but sometimes we just have to make time for the important things in life.  I know.

Mom's at Thanksgiving

She has a beautiful house.  Sometime I hope to do a blog on her deco.

The barn .....always an important part of life there.  Also all the grands and greats at Thanksgiving last year.

This is the church where my mom, and sister's family go, and the church where I went as a girl.

This is just a little snippet of my "old" old Ky home.  I love to go back there!

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  1. OK, I really like how your mom has decorated her soffit in the kitchen, I'll be very glad to see your future post of all her decor.




    Oh - - - I AM in love. Our traditional Wisconsin barns are red - - - but that black is VERY striking too.