Monday, October 17, 2011

It's A Kentucky Thing!

It's A Kentucky Thing

These golden rods (Kentucky's state flower), seem to have been blooming in more abundance this year than I have ever seen. Maybe it's because this one grew up right at our back porch and walkway, and my husband did not cut it down. I'm glad he decided to just let it grow. I have enjoyed looking at it as well as using it to decorate with. I love using real flowers to decorate with. Because of the "green thumb" of my husband, (notice I did not mention my name here!), I can almost have some kind of a bouquet from our yard all year long. The pretty warm, mustard yellow of this golden rod, is perfect for fall decorating. will not believe what was in our yard this morning; Kentucky 's state bird, the Cardinal.  Actually not just one, but a half dozen or more!  Amazing!  They are beautiful too!  It's just a "Kentucky thing"!  You just have to be here!!!!!

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