Friday, October 28, 2011

With Love from Jolene from Ukraine

Jolene and her sweet family are missionaries to Ukraine. I have enjoyed meeting her and getting to know her through her blogas well as meetingg her in person when they came to our church. You can read about that here. She is such a sweet Christian woman! The Lord hascrecently allowed them to build a beautiful house. I am so happy for them. She has donr a great job decorating her house, and she has been so kind to take us on a tour of the house. I have re-posted the most recent one of the master bedroom. You can see the rest of the beautiful rooms on her beautiful blog. Hope she doesn't mind my posting this. It is a blessing to me, and I believe it will be to you as well! By the way, my husband stayed in their home when he was in Ukraine a couple years ago.

With Love from Ukraine...: Tour My Home - part 5 {master bedroom}: Part 1 {The outside} Part 2 {Garage entryway} Part 3 {Brianna and Micah's Room} Part 4 {Main bathroom} So, here it is... the m...

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  1. Ahhh, you are so sweet! Thank you for sharing this on your blog... makes me feel like someone else just might think my room is pretty too (besides me)! :-)

    One thing I LOVED about visiting with you is your love of decorating. I enjoy decorating, too, although for now, most of it just goes on in inside my head! You should see what my home looks like in my imagination! LOL!

    Thanks for adding the subscribe by e-mail option. I look forward to receiving your posts into my inbox and will be able to keep in touch with you so much better this way!