Sunday, November 13, 2011

"I Was Glad"

The psalmist, David, said in Psalm 122:1, "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord".  It makes me glad to go to church too!  In fact, it is one if my favorite places to go! I'm really glad that I'm glad to go to church three plus times a week!  I especially like to go to Tabernacle Baptist Church, in Nicholasville, Kentucky where my husband is pastor.

This week I was visiting my mom and while driving around, saw some of the places where as a child, my family and I attended.  

The church buildings where I attend church today, are very different from those I attended when I was growing up in Eastern Ky.  Below is a picture of the building where the church I attended began as a mission church.  I am thankful for this building, and I am thankful for the man of God who obeyed the call of God and came to start this church. I don't know where my family would be today if he had not.  I'm thankful, and I'm glad!

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