Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas and Cranberries


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Cranberries have become one of my favorite things at Christmas time.  This year I have used them to decorate with, and to garnish with.  Hopefully next week I will be able to post some decorating pictures.  

The picture below shows some garnishing I did with cranberries.  I placed them around a berry pie; one that I slaved all day over!  Not!  I actually bought it, but when I put it up on a pedestal 
And placed my wonderful, red cranberries around it and then sprinkled powdered sugar on them for a "snow" effect, it lost some of it's store bought look!  

When we have fellowships at church my food is not the food that gets the blue ribbon prize for taste.  I have brought quite a few almost full dishes back home with me, if you know what I mean!  Well, I'll let you in on a little secret I learned.  The presentation of the food is a major part of the meal.  So, I've learned to "garnish" the food to be presentable even if it isn't edible!

This Razzel Dazzle Berry pie by Marie Calendar, got dazzled a little moe and taken to a Christmas party tonight.  Guess what! Not only did it get eaten almost gone, but it was also a topic of conversation around the dessert table!  

I'm just cranzy bout cranberries!


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  1. Those of us who live in Wood County, the leading cranberry producing county in Wisconsin the leading cranberry producing state in the union THANK you!

  2. I LOVE looks so festive! (and I love Mrs Calendars Razzleberry pie too!)
    I'm glad you can use the cookie cutter/fudge (or cake) really came in handy for our choir. It's hard to be able to give close to 40 people nice gifts...and they really appreciated this was pretty, yummy AND they got a cookie cutter! :)
    Have a Merry CHRISTmas're such a sweet lady!

  3. Mmmmm.... looks so yummy! And pretty! :-)