Saturday, February 11, 2012

Celebrating Valentines Day......Early!

This 11th day of 14 Days of Valentines has been a wonderful day!  My Valentine and I actually celebrated Valentines Day today since he will be gone on Valentines Day. 

This morning we went out and visited together for our church.  I enjoy doing this.  It is blessing to hear my husband talk with the people we meet and welcome and thank the people who have attended our church recently. His spiritual insight in talking to people and answering their questions is amazing to me.  Only God can give a man this wisdom.

 This afternoon, we went to a wonderful little coffee shop called European Delights just up the road from us. 
I had been there before (of course, women know where all these "delightful" little places are), but Lonnie had never been.  We were going somewhere else to get a cup of coffee, but I told him about this place, and so we decided to go there.  He loved it!  We just sat in chairs in the corner as warm sunshine streamed through the windows and drank our coffee and ate our "cake pops".  Have you ever had a cake pop?  If not, you should, they are wonderful!

Then we went to Kohl's and I was able to pick out my Valentines Day gift......a watch.  I had been eyeing these watches there for some time, and today was the day they were marked down!  Also found a really good deal on some presents for Christmas.  Can't tell who for though. they might be reading this!

Then later we had a Valentines Banquet at our church.  These are always so much fun.  We had a really good turnout.  Food, fun, and fellowships were wonderful.  My husband brought the devotion on "Love is the Word", (which goes along with our theme for the year).  He did a really good job.  Here are some pictures from tonight's banquet.

Beautiful decorations.  A lady in our church made these pom poms
out of tissue paper.  They were so pretty.

I think I had too much cake for one day!

That's what it's all about!

Playing a game where I had to whistle with crackers in my mouth!

It's been a good day!

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