Thursday, February 9, 2012

On Day Nine of 14 Days of Valentines, I'm Glad to Say He's M- - -!

Let's see how many can fill in the blanks in the title!

How's that for rhyming?

Speaking of rhymes,  I want to share a few, not all, (wink) of the  rhymes my husband has written me down through the years.

I told you how creative my valentine is and how he has written several songs.  Sometimes he is kidded  and given a hard time because not only can he preach but can sing, and not only can he preach and sing but he can also play the piano and write songs!   I might add, not only can he do all the above, but he can also write poems!  Yes, he is very creative and might I add romantic as well!  Hey, it's Valentines Day, isn't it?!

Two very young Valentines!
Here are some of the poems he has written me, mainly Valentine ones.  I know you won't enjoy them as much as I do, but I hope you do a little!

You Are My Valentine

Y ou are my love, my song in the night.
O ne of a kind that makes life bright
U under the sun never they'll be

A woman so fair, so precious to me
R radiant smile and sweetest of eyes
E ndless my joy, through years gone by.

M oments to days and days to years
Y ears to a lifetime, that's found you dear.

V  iolets, begonias, tulips, and roses.
A  sters,  Petunias, daisies and posies,
L ilies and pansies, azaleas and clover
E ndless of flowers are given by lovers,
N one can express or can endeavor
T o tell the love I'll have forever,
I nside or out, fair weather or foul,
N ever has waned, and never it shall.
E ternal the love that God has made mine
   For You, my sweetheart, are my Valentine!
                                                       L. Moore

To My True Valentine

Roses are red with beauty so fair,
But none in the world with you can compare.

Violets are blue and are lovely 'tis true,
But seldom I notice when I am with you.

For my love for you is truer than blue,
And to describe my love the words are too few.

Though years may pass and the children be grown,
My love will not pass and my live will have grown.
                                                       L.  Moore

From roses Lonnie got me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

You really don't have time to count all those candles!  I just want you to look at the roses!

You Are the Rose of My Life

You are to me,
         The rose of my life,
My pride, my joy,
          My love, my wife.
No thorns that pick
          Or prick my soul
Just sweet fragrance
          A love that's whole
A rose so fair
           Beyond compare
My rose that cares a love so rare.

                                   Happy Valentines Day
                                    With All my love,

So, if you are not nauseous after reading all that (ha ha), did you notice a fragrant theme throughout the three poems?  Yes, Roses and other flowers as well.   Told you he was romantic!

It really makes me feel loved to read all these sweet poems.

I wish I could write poems!  Maybe someday!

These last three pictures were taken in Hawaii when we were blessed to be able to go there a few years back!

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  1. I have always been proud of the poems dad has written for you and if you think they made you feel loved, think of the security and love it brought to us, your children, to know that daddy love mommy!

  2. I know Bec, i need to have them all framed and hung up. You gotta help me sometime with this!

  3. So sweet, Mrs. Moore! Thank you for sharing. I especially enjoyed the picture of the two of you at your wedding. So precious!