Saturday, February 4, 2012

Get Aways

Day Three of my series for and about my husband is about the "get aways" that we have the opportunity to have.

My husband does a lot of traveling.  He is asked to preach and to sing in many places through out the year besides all the things he does at the church where he pastors.  I don't get to go with him all the time, but I do some of the times. When I do get to go we try to take an extra day or two and take advantage of whatever special place or attraction may be nearby and visit there before we head home.   We have done this ever since our children were small.  Our girls were able to see a lot of different places and things just because they were traveling with us in some special meeting.   I know this doesn't sound like much of a vacation, but we always enjoyed it and always felt very bless to have the opportunities to to so. 

We were able to "get away" this weekend, not with our kids, and not by ourselves either, but with some couples from the church as well as couples from some other churches.  We went to our annual Couples Retreat in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

We always have such a wonderful time!

I love this time to just get away with my husband and relax and enjoy a fun time with these other couples.  We do also go away by ourselves at times!  I promise we do!  I will share some of that at another time.

 For this past weekend though, it was with other couples. We had were so enriched by the Bible teaching and preaching we heard on marriage and the home by Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Amsbaugh.  I'm glad that my husband makes this possible for our couples to do, and I get to tag along!

The Amsbaughs, The Ogdens (very good friends of ours), Lonnie and I
  I'm glad that my husband makes this possible for our couples to do, and I get to tag along!

In our cabin at Oak Haven Resort

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