Saturday, March 10, 2012

G and J's Handmades

Look what I got in the mail!  From my sweet sister!   My sister and her husband have opened up a small craft business.  They are doing wonderful at it.  It all started last summer when we wanted to get our mom a barn quilt for Christmas.  You see them on a lot of barns around this area.  My mom loves them!  We really thought it would be a great gift for her , but when we saw the price, we didn't think  we could swing that.  ($400 -500).

My sister's husband is a carpenter and after looking at the barn quilts, they decided they would try their hand at making one.  My husband and I helped them purchase the material (basically a large piece of plywood and some paint!).  My sister snagged a good deal on a projector that was being thrown away at her work, chose a quilt pattern, projected it onto the plywood and she and her husband painted it on.   It turned out great!  My mom loved it!  It looks beautiful on her barn.
So, after putting a few pictures on face book, they started having requests for them from different friends and relatives.  I guess it got my sister's wheels turning and she began to try making and selling other crafts.  She started making all kinds of different wreaths, ( beautiful ones!), and the response has been tremendous!    "Hello" " why didn't I think of that!   I'm happy for them!   As a matter of fact, I want to help them out, so I want to spread the word about G and J's Crafts.

You can see some more of their beautiful handmade crafts here:   Give them a visit!

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