Friday, March 23, 2012

Picture Spring in Kentucky

Spring has definitely sprung in Kentucky, and the pictures below taken in our back yard will prove it!

Now, I am not the photographer that took these pictures.  I wish I was, but it wasn't.

It was my husband!

I think he did a great job. 

He certainly doesn't claim to be a photographer, but he has taken quite a few pictures.  When our daughters were in high school and competing in different events, Photography was one of the events.  The girls and other students in the school always entered their photography.  Lonnie helped them with a lot of the pictures they took.  He just seems to have a knack for it.  Me?......I try.  Sometimes they turn out OK and other times not so good. 

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures, and if you've never been to Kentucky.....well, you're just missing out!

Taken in the rain

Some of the beautiful flowering bushes Lonnie planted with his own two hands.  Read more about that here.

Check out the rain refreshing.

Notice the bird feeders?  Lonnie loves to feed the birds.

We have so many of these in our backyard.

Wonder if it's because the Cardinal is the Kentucky state bird?

So pretty!

I would like to say that I posted this last picture of this red bird in honor of my Aunt Sophia Webb who passed away this week.  Her funeral will be in two days from now. 
The reason I want to post it in honor of her is because she absolutely loved the Cardinal.
She collected them and they were all over her house in the form of pictures and collectibles.
You see, Aunt Sophia lived in Florida all her adult life pretty much; from the time she was married until she passed away at 85 years of age.  She loved it there, but she never forgot her roots.....Kentucky, and she never forgot her red Cardinals.
I loved Aunt Sophia (my only aunt except for those by marriage), and I also love Kentucky and the Cardinal!

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