Saturday, November 2, 2013

From My Kitchen Window

Every morning when I look out my kitchen window, I am so thankful for the view!

This particular view was not here a year ago.   It is our new auditorium, and our new auditorium has a STEEPLE!  The old auditorium did not have a steeple.

It blesses my heart so much to see.  How much does it bless me?  Glad you asked!  So much that my mind has changed about wanting to sell and relocate out in the country!   Because,  even though I know there would be beautiful views in the country,  I know there wouod not be one that would bless and inspire me like this one does!

To me, the steeple is such a beautiful symbol of what our church stands for and what it's purpose is.   That is to direct and show the souls of men the WAY to heaven;  to point heavenward!   To show that there is HOPE and a much better place than this sinful world.  Heaven is a wonderful,  glorious, beautiful,  perfect and ETERNAL place that awaits those who put their trust in the WAY, the  TRUTH, and the LIFE,  Jesus Christ the Son of God.  I'm so personally thankful that I'm going there someday!

On this first day of November,  I am thankful for my view and for what it reminds me of! 

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