Friday, July 9, 2010

Journey to Jessamine Creek

Every kid should have the opportunity to play in a creek in the summertime! 

 I have many memories of doing so when I was a kid!

 While our grandson Jackob was visiting, we took him along with four other grand kids down (waaaaay down) to the Jessamine Creek.
 Sooooo, this is the story of taking grand kids to the creek! 
 What an unforgettable excursion!

Here they are on the path to the creek

There they go down the path to the creek

Eli - he did not want to get in the creek.  He only wanted to throw rocks in the creek.  That was fine except when he almost hit the others with the huge rocks!

                                                                Eli and his BIG blue eyes!
They had soooo much fun, but coming back up (waaaay up) the hill was the hard part! 
Anna Grace:   "I'm dizzy, what if I pass out?"  whine, whine   : [

Olivia:  "Granna, I need a band aid.  My leg, my leg, it hurts!  tears, tears  : (  

Abby:  "I'm so sleepy!  Pappaw, will you carry me?"  Yeah, right!"  So pitiful!  : \

All in all, it was a very good trip and the kids had a very good time!  Here they are posing beside a landmark!  

It was a free outing.  That was good!  We even were able to bring home some free souvenirs, which I would just as soon have left waaaaa down there in the creek........CHIGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This are very cute pictures! Thankyou so much for your comment on my post on "Helpmeet in Training"! It was a blessing!


  2. Mom this is Hannah on your account, and I think this so funny but if. Remember me and Jason took several of them way down thereva few days earlier and I brought back a fungus that nearly took my ankle off last summer! But, we had lots of fun too!