Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meeting Jolene

Jolene and David Sloan (http://jolenesupdates.blogspot.com/), missionaries to Ukraine, along with their three beautiful children, David, Nate, and Brianna, came to visit us last Saturday and Sunday. 

My husband stayed with them and was at their church in Ukraine last year.

I have followed Jolene on her blog for sometime now, but had never met her.  It made me feel like those bloggers who follow each other and don't know each other,  and then meet face to face. 

I felt like I knew her, but it was so good to see her in person and to hear her sweet voice (that's interesting too, because you really don't think about what a person sounds like when you never hear them talk, only read about their life). 

Their family is home on furlough and for her to have her fourth child here in January.  They are here (at our house) to visit our church.

What a sweet missionary family!

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  1. Gasp... I'm so embarrased to see I am wearing a black sweater with a pink dress! LOL! We had only been back in the states for a few days and were greatly lacking in the clothing department. I promise I went shopping after this and corrected that! LOL

    It was such a pleasure to meet you too. I consider you a dear friend now!