Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sis' All about U!

Our Ladies Christmas Brunch was held at my house today.  I loved it!  I love all the ladies, my sisters in Christ.  We had such a wonderful time.

Check out the all the scrumptious food.  Might not be a wise thing to start the month out like this!

Our theme this year, for our church, has been "We would see Jesus".  So, for our bi-monthly ladies fellowship meetings we have focused on the name JESUS!  No better name to focus on, right?  Name above all names!

In January, (read about that here) we focused on the "J" with all the foods, games, devotions, etc. starting with the letter "J".  We did the same with the letter "E" in March, (read about that here)  and "S" in September. 

So, that left the letter "U".  Now, there's not too many foods, games, decorations that begin with the letter "U".  However, since our theme is we would see Jesus, and Christmas is supposed to be all about Him anyway, we just tried to direct all the attention to Jesus, praising Him and thanking Him for all His blessings.

  We sang a song which our choir is going to be singing for the Christmas cantata, called "You Are Jehovah to Me".  It goes something like this, (notice what almost every phrase begins with)    YOU are the wings that will hide me, YOU are the light that will guide me; All that I need you provide me,  YOU are Jehovah to me.  YOU are the bread that will feed me, YOU are the Word that will lead me;  You are the love that has freed me, YOU are Jehovah to me. 
And I will praise Your name, for You are my God and King, and I will worship You with each breath I take, and each song I sing.....
It was beautiful!  I could barely sing for crying. 

We read from Luke 1:46-55 where Mary, the mother of Jesus, "extolled" the Lord for what He had done in her life.  What a wonderful passage!
Then, we had testimonies from several ladies, and what a blessing that was!

  One of our sweet ladies sang a beautiful song that had been on her heart for a few days, that went right with the theme.  Such a blessing!!  That's her in the white sweater in the middle of the picture below.

Then we exchanged gifts by playing "musical gifts".  It was fun.

 Then everyone had to leave.  (Sad face, me).

I love my "Sisters", and loved joining them in saying to Jesus, "This is all about YOU"!

Extra pictures below.

Some just are too funny!

Some just show fellow sister shipping!

Some are cool!

Some are Serious!

Serious........for real.

Some are me anyway.  This baby girl who helped her Mama out at the last minute, and the one in the back, who is not a Sis, but he had been gone in a meeting for a few days and got back before our meeting was over.

and this baby girl who didn't get to be at the meeting, but she sure did help me get ready to have the meeting.  Thanks, Hannah!

So, there you have it..... the Tabernacle Baptist Church, 2011, Ladies Christmas Brunch!

Sis' All about YOU!


  1. Aren't ladies' fellowships just the BEST ever?! Looks like you had a really fun time and made some great memories together. Thanks for sharing!

    (P.S. And... I loved getting to see inside your beautiful home again!)

  2. Mrs. Marie's testimony of a long time fighter for the souls of her family and their friends reminds me of this song's words:
    Am I a soldier of the cross? A follower of the Lamb? And shall I fear to own His cause or blush to speak His mane?
    Must I be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease, While others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas?
    Sure I must fight if I would reign-Increase my courage, Lord! I'll bear the toil, endure the pain, supported by Thy Word.