Saturday, June 8, 2013

Zig - Zag or Rick Rack

Ever heard if these?  Well maybe you would know it better as Chevron!  Up until recently I thought that was a gas station!

It's far from a gas station though.  It is a design element that is popping up (and down and up again) everywhere!

Yes, it is a trend, I read, but it also is a pattern that has actually been around for a long time, I guess.  So even though it's popularity my wane, it will still be around.

I don't know about you, but I really love it.   I have a skirt that I LOVE.

 But even before I got the skirt, it was showing up in my house.

This is a throw that my mom made several decades ago..... Back when harvest gold was "in",  that's a hint for how many decades ago!

A few months ago I decided to try to update the curtains in our family room.  They are just plain linen.  I love linen!  Everyone may not though.  My little granddaughter called them "sheets"!  Maybe that's what caused me to think they needed a little update.

  I didn't want to spend a lot of money on new curtains, but I was drawn to some of the patterns. I was seeing in curtain fabrics such as stripes, ikat, and other  patterns.   

Anyway I started looking for something.........., I really didn't know what.........but I knew that I would know it when I saw it........something that I could attach.......possibly sew to the edge of my linen curtains to revive them a little.

Well I was at Hobby Lobby and was actually looking at fabric.  I saw several things that I thought would work, but not really anything that "jumped out" at me.   You all know what I mean, I'm sure!  All the time I'm dreading having to actually get out the sewing machine too!

Sooooooo, I just kept browsing.   I could browse in that store all day, couldn't you?  Then......I saw it:


Yay!!!!   Two of my favorites!

Perfect for my curtain up......just the right width.......the taupe/gray/cream color combination.....and the price!   I told you I would know it when I saw it!

So I bought two ( a total of $18.00 - not 50 percent off today ).  I really just guessed at how many it would take.

But, look at the way it worked out!  I had just the exact amount.  The curtains are 9 feet, so I guess there are 18 feet in one roll.  I have four curtains, and used two.

I simply cut the roll in half and it was the perfect size for the curtain

Anyway, here they are on the windows. I really like how they turned out..


  1. Love the pattern on the windows. Gorgeous. Hugs,Marty

    1. Thanks, Marty. You are the best for leaving an encouraging comment!